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The LakeHouse Pub is going strong. We’re busy serving the thirsty and hungry patrons of Skaneateles. We are honored and delighted to be a part of this community and to continue the great hospitality legacy of this location. We want people to think of us as the go to place for appetizing food, fun live entertainment and a welcoming atmosphere. The support and warm welcome from Skaneateles residents and folks from neighboring towns has been wonderful and we are looking forward to many years ahead. Come enjoy the newest, oldest pub in town!

The LakeHouse Pub with its handsome interior is well suited to the charm of its surroundings in beautiful Skaneateles Lake. Located in the former Morris’s Grill site, the Pub has the look and feel of a neighborhood establishment with its focal point— a large copper-topped bar. Dennis Coleman, General Manager of Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub and his two local partners Joseph J. Goethe and Michael J. Wamp own the LakeHouse Pub. Dennis Coleman is a third generation publican, with years of experience in running a successful local business. Joe Goethe and Michael Wamp are longtime residents of Skaneateles who understand how important this location is to Skaneateles.Their vision for the next generation of Skaneateles pubs has become a reality. Come enjoy the newest, oldest pub in town!

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Nachos $10.00
Homemade chips with chicken, jalapeños, black beans, peppers, onions, and cheddar jack cheese topped with pico de gallo and sour cream.

Chili $5.75
Homemade chili topped with cheddar cheese. Served with homemade tortilla chips.

Hot Pretzel Sticks $6.00
3 soft, warm pretzel sticks with salt and honey mustard or tossed with cinnamon-sugar and served with glaze frosting dip.

Wings $9.00
Mild, medium, hot, BBQ, honey garlic

Buffalo Shrimp $7.50
Beer battered, fried and tossed in Buff-A-Bleu sauce

Chicken Tenders $8.50
Lightly breaded and deep fried. Served with fries.Buffalo Tenders tossed in hot sauce, served with blue cheese and fries. $9.00

Quesadilla $7.00
Peppers, onions & spices blended with cheddar jack cheeseadd chicken or steak $2.00

Flatbread Pizza
Red Pie $7.00
Spicy tomato oil & mozzarella cheese. Add chicken $2.00
White Pie $7.00
Spinach, onions and spices blended with cheese, baked with pico de gallo. Add chicken $2.00


Roast Beef$8.00
Slow roasted beef served au jus on a kimmelweck roll and choice of red onion, horseradish, spicy mustard, mayo or horsey sauce. add cheese .75, extra sauce .25

Pub Club $8.00
Oven roasted turkey on toasted white bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo & bacon. 
Phillies $8.00
Steak or chicken with peppers, onions & cheese on a sub roll.

Reuben $8.00
Corned beef with Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese served on dark rye

Caesar Salad $9.00
Romaine tossed with bacon, red onion, croutons and caesar dressing.
add chicken $2.00, add fried shrimp $4.00

Pub Salad $9.00
Finger Lakes mixed greens tossed in New York State concord grape vinaigrette dressing with red onion, crumbly bleu cheese, honey-glazed walnuts, chic peas, tomatoes and cucumbers
add chicken $2.00

French Fries
Plain & simple $4.00 • $2.00 with sandwich
With cheese $5.00 • $3.00 with sandwich
With chili & cheese $6.50 • $4.50 with sandwich

Mac Salad $4.00 • $3.00 with sandwich

Tomato, Cucumber & Bleu Salad $4.00 • $3.00 with sandwich

Side Salad $4.00 • $3.00 with sandwich

Onion Rings $5.00 • $3.00 with sandwich 

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(Dine in only)

June 2016 Live Music

3 Tommy Connors 8pm-11pm
4 Mike Bogan Band 9:30pm-1am
5 Tom Herron & the Great Blue 6pm-9pm
10 Brown Brothers 8pm-11pm
11 Hendry 9:30pm-1am
12 2 Hour Delay 6pm-9pm
17 Tim Herron 8pm-11pm
18 Cookbook 9:30pm-1am
19 Off The Reservation 6pm-9pm
24 Tiger 8pm-11pm
25 Finn and Friends 9:30pm-1am
26 Chief Bigway 6pm-9pm






5 Hendry 9:30pm-1am
6 Off The Reservation
11 Brown Brothers
12 Mike Bogan Band
13 Just Joe
18 Tiger
19 Soul Risin'
20 Tumbleweed Jones
25 Tim Herron
26 Finn, Bristol and Kearns
27 no music

Noisy Boys 8pm-11pm
5 Hendry 9:30pm-1am
6 Off The Reservation
11 Brown Brothers
12 Mike Bogan Band
13 Just Joe
18 Tiger
19 Soul Risin'
20 Tumbleweed Jones
25 Tim Herron
26 Finn, Bristol and Kearns
27 no music
>4-Noisy Boys<br />
5-Hendry<br />
6-Off The Reservation<br />
11-Brown Brothers<br />
12-Mike Bogan Band<br />
13-Just Joe<br />
18-Tiger<br />
19-Soul Risin'<br />
20-Tumbleweed Jones<br />
25-Tim Herron<br />
26-Finn, Bristol and Kearns<br />
27-no music</p>


4 Noisy Boys 8pm-11pm
Hendry 9:30pm-1am
Off The Reservation 6pm-9pm
Brown Brothers 8pm-11pm
Mike Bogan Band 9:30pm-1am
Just Joe 6pm-9pm
Tiger 8pm-11pm
Soul Risin' 9:30pm-1am
Tumbleweed Jones 6pm-9pm
Tim Herron 8pm-11pm
Finn, Bristol and Kearns 9:30pm-1am
27 Easter - No Music

4-Noisy Boys
6-Off The Reservation
11-Brown Brothers
12-Mike Bogan Band
13-Just Joe
19-Soul Risin'
20-Tumbleweed Jones
25-Tim Herron
26-Finn, Bristol and Kearns
27-no music